Han Premium Soju

The premium spirit you are allowed to sell in California restaurants and bars with only a beer-and-wine license!

Why can I sell Han Premium Soju, a distilled spirit, with only a Type 41 license?

Soju is consumed with meals in Asian countries, like beer and wine are consumed in the US. To allow for variety and authenticity, the California legislature allowed the sale of soju with any “On Sale” license that permits wine sales. Certain specifications have to be met, but Han Premium Soju qualifies! (Source: California Business and Professions Code, relating to alcoholic beverages, Section 23398.5)

Most licensees will hold an ABC license Type 41, but others also qualify, e.g. 42, 47, 48, 49, 50, etc.

Show Me the Money!

You already know that beverage sales are usually much more profitable than meals. That is true even more so for cocktails. On typical menus cocktails sell for a premium over beer and most wines. You will find that Han Premium Soju cocktails cost you less to make than wine or bottled beer.

Bottom line: better margins!

Where Can I Buy It?

In California Han Premium Soju is sold to the trade exclusively by RNDC.
To order/buy you can:

  • call your RNDC rep, if you already have one
  • visit a RNDC Express store near you.

Not a customer yet? It’s easy to set up. Just call the telemarketing group at (800) 409-0128. For more information on locations and account application key documents:



Don’t want to wait?

In California, Han Original Premium Soju can be purchased at BevMo! and Restaurant Depot.

How is Han Premium Soju Mixed and Served?

Soju was traditionally consumed straight, either chilled or at room temperature. More recently, due to its inherent versatility and the craft cocktail craze, soju has become used extensively as the base spirit in cocktails.

Lighter Cocktails

Due to its full-flavor, reduced calories, and lower alcohol percentage, Han is versatile and can be used as the base for “lighter” cocktails or traditional western spirit strength cocktails. Lighter cocktails can be created using the same measurements as traditional cocktails recipes resulting in great tasting cocktails that are lower in calories and alcohol.

Traditional Cocktails: Han can also be used to provide an interesting variation on traditional Western cocktails by Pouring 2.0 oz. of Han Premium Soju® for every 1.25 oz. of traditional 80 proof spirits for resulting in delicious unique cocktails with similar alcoholic content.

Korean Cocktails

Soju Yakult Cocktail

A classic! Sure, Yakult might be known as a kids drink, but it partners well with Soju. You can simply mix Yakult and Soju together, but the Koreans mix in what they call ‘Chilsung Cider’ (their version of Sprite) for the no-fail easy-to-make cocktail.

  • 2 parts Sprite
  • 1 Part Yakult
  • 1 Part Han Original Premium Soju

Pineapple Soju cocktail

A blend of pineapple juice, Sprite, and Han Original Premium Soju. A perfect drink for a hot summer day.


  • 3 oz Pineapple Juice
  • 2 oz Han Premium Soju
  • 1.5 oz Sprite

Poktanju (Soju Bomb)

This drink is a complete Korean pub classic. Fill a glass halfway with chilled beer. Place two chopsticks across the top of the glass. Pour the soju into a shot glass and carefully balance it on top of the chopsticks. Now slam your hands on the table on either side of the beer glass and watch the shot of soju drop into your drink. Enjoy!

  • 1 Shot of Han Premium Original Soju
  • 1 Beer


This beer-based cocktail contains two different shots – soju and coke – stacked inside a cup of beer. The drink starts off with the taste of beer and Han Original Premium Soju, and ends with the refreshing sweetness of coke.

  • 1 Shot of Coke
  • 1 Shot of Han Premium Original Soju
  • 1 Beer

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