This is HAN

Han Premium Soju has pioneered a new wave of modern, super smooth premium soju spirits that embody quality, creativity and versatility. Made from high-quality grains, this family of spirits has unlimited mixability and rich character – as expressive and individual as each person who orders a Han cocktail.

Why HAN Soju?

A Perfect Alternative

With about half the calories of other spirits and an unbelievably smooth taste, Han Premium Soju is a perfect alternative to traditional spirits and predictable wine and beer drinks options.

Smooth Taste, High Quality, Unique Character

Common to all flavors of Han Premium Soju is their smooth taste, high quality and unique character – all crafted to be enjoyed on their own, on the rocks, or as the base for an infinite number of mixed cocktails – offering something for everyone.



Han Original is a grain-based distilled spirit similar in taste profile to vodka. The use of polished rice in the fermentation and distillation process makes Han Original smooth and highly appealing. It’s great on the rocks, in a Martini, or as a super smooth alternative to traditional vodka.


Citruss is Han's answer to the growth in flavored vodkas. This premium rice and barley based spirit is infused with subtle citrus accents of orange, lemon and lime, and has a super smooth finish. Mix it up or drink it straight.


Han Teq is infused with the flavors of premium Mexican Tequila. Similar in taste profile to premium Blanco Mexican Tequilas, Han Teq can be used in a premium Margarita, as a shooter or served chilled in a salt-rimmed martini glass with a lime garnish.


Han Cane is a Caribbean Rum-inspired spirit made from a unique blend of polished rice and barley. Smooth and flavorful, it is the perfect alternative to add to any Mojito, Daiquiri, or Cuba Libre cocktail.


Han Fire is a little sweet and a little spicy. A light, clean, cinnamon-flavored rice and barley spirit,  Great as a chilled shooter or when mixed with coffee, hot chocolate, ciders (hot and cold), or your favorite soda.

Han Smoked has carefully curated Whiskey flavors added to the high-quality base premium soju. Use it for any cocktail recipe that calls for whiskey, or sip it straight.

What is Soju?

Soju is a rice-based distilled spirit similar to vodka, and is the #1 selling distilled spirit in the world by volume! Rich with Asian heritage, Soju (also called Shochu in Japan or Baijiu in China) distillation methods have been around since the 14th century!

Using the best of traditional ingredients and processes, Han Premium Soju is a new and innovative take on a centuries old classic. Super smooth with infinite versatility – it is a great alternative to traditional and predictable spirits, beer or wine. The use of polished rice and premium barley in the fermenting and distillation process gives Han Premium Soju its ultra-luxurious silky smoothness.


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